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Where do I start... Kris is amazing and someone I am very grateful to have met! I came to her with my Debut Single and EP not knowing where to start or what to do when it came to using a publicist for the first time. Kris quickly took me under her wing guided me and made it such an effortless process. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kris, her work ethic and dedication to my project said it all. Kris helped me take my music career to the next level breaking me into the Australian Country Music scene. I can’t value her enough and I truly look forward to working with her again in the near future.
Katelann Maree
I had the pleasure of engaging and working with Kris throughout my latest single release. I approached Kris post-release and was able to utilise KrisKat Publicity's Press Release/Single To Radio Service. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received and couldn't recommend Kris' services highly enough. Her efficiency, support, timeliness and the results from the work she put into promoting my single were second to none. Her network across the industry is invaluable! If you're looking for the full package from a very knowledgeable and wonderfully experienced publicist - Kris comes very highly recommended. Thank you, Kris!
Kris Katsanis is the publicist I needed for my debut single. She worked hard to release my single to radio and she did an absolutely fantastic job! It received radio airplay all over the country and on top radio shows. She made this all look so easy, but worked very hard for the radio promotion of 'More Than a Hat' . I will definitely be using Kris and her services again for my upcoming singles, she is amazing!
Ellen Tefanis
When I released my album "The Ridge" in the summer of 2020 I had never really had any exposure outside of Canada. Working with Annie Johnsson* & Kris Katsanis opened my music to a whole new audience in Australia. I was honestly so busy doing radio one-liners that my head was spinning… in a good way of course!

*Joint project with Annie Johnsson Publicity
Julian Taylor (Canada)
I can’t sing Kris’s praises highly enough! I have worked with her on the release of two recordings. Kris is a joy to work with and is always one step ahead of you with regards to promotion. She doesn’t miss a beat, pun intended, she is excellent with detail. Kris has fantastic connections and will really help your recording get the attention it deserves.
Sara O'Connor
Kris came highly recommended, and she did not disappoint. I worked with Kris for my debut single release, and I am so happy that I did. I knew absolutely nothing about the Australian country music scene and Kris walked me through the process and guided me in the right direction. She has an extensive network of contacts and industry knowledge that allowed my song to be heard by the right people. Kris also helped with my social media presence and posting. An absolute pleasure to work with Kris, and she has a great 'down to earth' sense of humour too!
Brendan Deehan
I love having KrisKat Publicity working on my tour dates.. Truly professional, hard-working and so easy to work with. Kris’ database of industry and media contacts alone is impressive and coupled with her extensive knowledge of social media and a tireless work ethic, she’s a real force.
Travis Collins
I could not recommend KrisKat Publicity highly enough. Her experience and presence in the industry is a testimony to her hard work and exceptional services. Kris goes above and beyond to look after her clients and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.
Missy Lancaster
Was a pleasure having KrisKat on my team. Kris is very persistent, a pleasure to work with and a great asset. Can’t wait to work with Kris again on another project. Big goal kicker.
Jason Lee
KrisKat Publicity has opened doors for opportunity we could only dream of! Kris's years of experience, reputation in the music industry and total commitment sets her apart from the rest!
Sky Valley Band - Kaz
Annie* & Kris was there every step of the way for the release of ‘Meet My Ghosts’. Whether it was securing interviews, amplifying promotional material or just being a guiding light – their work gave me confidence to be myself, got my song in front of people who genuinely loved the work and guided me in a way only few have. Their work was the difference between my release being known by the right people and being lost to the noise. I hope you haven’t booked Annie & Kris to work on your next release because I need them both available for mine!

*Joint project with Annie Johnsson Publicity
David Schaak
When planning the release of my new album 'The Wide Horizon' it was essential that I be back in the faces of the movers and shakers of the Australian Country Music Industry. Kris facilitated this exposure with zest and creative professionalism, securing national media opportunities that ensured the album would have every chance of reaching it's potential. Kris is actually a fan of the music and goes beyond the call of duty as a publicist, her passion for the genre to be projected in a positive light is refreshing. I look forward to working with her again on my other projects.
Darren Coggan
I have worked with Kris for several years now. She is very professional, really well respected throughout the music industry, and has great drive and passion. I really love her "can do anything" attitude, and she always goes above and beyond to achieve the best results for her artists.
Adam Harvey
I have worked with Kris for over 6 years now starting at SueMac Media, then Compass Bros Records and most recently with Kriskat Publicity. She is tenacious, efficient and very thorough in everything she does and I always look forward to working with her. Kris has great relationships in our industry and projects always go smoothly when she is involved.
Adam Brand
Kris Katsanis is a wonderful publicist. She has a thorough knowledge of the artists she represents, and refuses to panic in the face of adversity.. I know, during the period we worked together, I provided her with plenty..! She is fiercely loyal, dependable to a fault, and tireless.
James Blundell
What a professional! KrisKat was fantastic to work with. She not only delivered amazing result, but achieved beyond our expectations.
Jason Williamson Management
Jason Owen
We love working with Kris, she gets the job done right every time!
Ken Outch
Sony Music, Parade Management
In the period that I worked with Kris Katsanis at Compass Bros I always found her to have great attention to detail. Her targeted data base, follow through and results always gave our releases the best possible set up.
Roxanne Brown
Troy Cassar-Daley management
I had the pleasure of working with KrisKat Publicity in early 2018. Kris was genuine, professional and very personable. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and am very grateful for her assistance in servicing my single to radio. I believe KrisKat Publicity helped me grow and develop my presence in the Australian country music scene and genuinely helped me make a better name for myself. KrisKat Publicity is reliable and refreshing, easy to communicate with and achieved exactly what she said she would. I am thankful for the opportunity that she presented for me and look forward to it again in the future. Pete Denahy Singer-Songwriter/Comedian Kris leaves no stone unturned. I envisage Kris working and I see her in a large green paddock of smooth grass, turning over the stones spread throughout. I see the heads of media people pop up out of the ground looking as if they’ve just woken up and Kris asks them for some coverage for her artists. And the media people blink and oblige.
Alexandra Gunn
I have had the great pleasure of working with Kris for the past three years. Not only is she a great friend, she is also one of my favourite people to work with and have on my team. Three years ago when I walked into the scary world (office) of my record label, Kris was the first face I saw and she really made me feel at home and comfortable. We got to know each other that first day and the next time I was in the office, knowing all I eat is chicken she went out of her way and bought some chicken to make me a sandwich for lunch that day. If that isn’t dedication to an artist I don’t know what is! From that day on I knew we were going to be great friends and she was the right publicist for me. Kris is one of the hardest working people I know and while working with her she has always gone above and beyond to help further my career. Having Kris on your team is like finding seven chicken nuggets in your six-pack from McDonalds!
Kirsty Lee Akers
I had been out of the Country Music Market in Australia for a few years. I knew I would need an amazing publicist to help me re brand myself so I asks around and I was told Kris Katsanis was the best. After working with Kris on my two single I releases in 2016 I now know why everyone said she was the best. Kris was so knowledgable about the Country music industry & had such great relationships with everyone involved. She was so professional and passionate about helping me succeed and getting my music as much publicity as possible. She was a pleasure to work with and I am excited to work with her again on future projects.
Shea Fisher
Before the release of my debut single Overdrive, I thought I could do it on my own, after hiring the services of Kris Katsanis, I realized I could never have done it without her. Kris is a fair, professional, hard working person that genuinely cares about her clients. I always felt comfortable in contacting her any time to speak about anything. Her wealth of knowledge in relation to the industry is completely priceless. Kris is respected by everyone in the industry and is a pleasure to work with. I will certainly be using Kris for all of my future projects and look forward to working with her on a regular basis. I recommend to anyone looking for a publicist that they contact KrisKat Publicity, you will be glad you did!
Kristy James
Choosing a publicist was a decision that I took great care in making when it came to my debut album “Pieces Of Me”. Kris was the perfect person for the job. She is so passionate about her work – she never stops! I often wonder if she actually sleeps. I look forward to working further with Kris for the duration of the promotion of “Pieces Of Me”. With the Amount of people catching on to how great she is I fear that her books will be too full to take on the next album. Noooo! Maybe I should keep how great she is to myself?!
Aleyce Simmonds
When it comes to publicity, KrisKat Publicity is definitely where you should go. As an independent country music artist I have just released my 2nd album and was nervous about using a publicist, however Kris put all my worries at ease. She knows exactly what she is doing and goes well above all my expectations. She was highly recommended to me and everyone in the industry talks about how great her work is. I’m so happy that I decided to use KrisKat Publicity and look forward to a successful album because of her hard work. Contact Kris you won’t look back. El Cosgrove Singer-Songwriter After working with Kris on the release of my debut EP I would highly recommend Kriskat publicity to anyone looking to get their music heard. As a singer-songwriter having never officially released a record before, I was a little concerned about getting my music out there, however, Kris was so helpful in pointing me in the right direction and put in endless effort to ensure my songs were being discovered. She is incredibly well organised at scheduling interviews etc and answering any questions at all times of the day. Not only is she highly professional in her work but also made the effort to meet personally and come to live gigs which just shows how passionate she is about music and the artists that she works with. I consider myself lucky to have KrisKat publicity on my team now and in the future! Matt J Ward Singer-Songwriter I released my debut solo EP in 2016, and was looking to get both the EP and my songs better known amongst the Australian Country music scene. This was the first time I had used a publicist and KrisKat came highly recommended. Right from the outset Kris was supportive, her communication excellent, the preparation thorough and execution timely. Kris created a comprehensive program of radio and print media opportunities and through this, I was always kept up to date and we didn’t miss a beat. There’s no doubt it was worthwhile, and I’d highly recommend KrisKat again!
Kalesti Butler
I have used KrisKat publicity for all three of my independent releases. With this latest record I wanted to ensure that I could gain as much exposure as possible and also take some of the pressure off myself trying to manage every little component of an album release. I purchased a marketing package this time round with KrisKat and that decision was an excellent one. Having Kris attending to mailouts, interview scheduling, social media promo etc. has been like an anchor for me in what can often be a very chaotic and frantic media sea for an indie artist. I can highly recommend Kris to any artist out there wanting a professional and thorough publicity agent … and one who even turns up at your gigs!
Jackie Dee
As an indie artist and with the release of my debut EP “Good Friends”, my big concern was, how do you get noticed, how do you get people to know that I even exist out there. I asked a friend of mine, Chris Rieger from “Simply Bushed” and Chris said without hesitation that he had worked with and highly recommended KrisKat Publicity. From the first time I spoke to Kris all my concerns were allayed. Kris was friendly, efficient, thorough and in a professional manner, just darn good at her job. She organised everything for me, set up many interviews, sent me schedules that were clear and her follow up was fantastic. I would highly recommend KrisKat Publicity to anyone and will be working with Kris again in the future.
Ian Burns
Kris is extremely hard-working and she has gone the extra mile on every aspect of our project together. I couldn’t recommend her enough for anyone who is serious about making a name in the Australia Country Music scene. She answered every crazy, stupid question I had about the most random things, sometimes much after hours. Basically she’s totally and completely awesome, and I can’t wait to work with her on our next project.
Hayley Marsten
It is such a challenge for an indie act to compete in an increasingly competitive music market. We had approached a number of publicists for a long time and either we were not of sufficient significance as the acts they were working for and so ” did not have time ” or they were so far out of financial reality for an indie act, we could not afford those service. It has been a real catch 22 to find someone who was interested, effective and affordable!! Being introduced to you at KrisKat was a blessing, and the effort you put into the promotion of the new release and subsequent singles has been a vital part of getting our new CD out there. The results are clear and whilst it was a team effort, 3 top ten songs on radio, two Golden Guitar nominations and a Peoples Choice Award is a great result for an indie act in a small genre, by no means is Simply Bushed a main stream act!! So thanks for your efforts, we constantly receive positive feedback from radio people regarding your level of follow up and the radio interviews secured were evidence of that. We continue to employ your services and will into the foreseeable future. We appreciate you being part of team Bushed !!
Paul Grierson
Singer-Songwriter – Simply Bushed
We would highly recommend Kris Katsanis of KrisKat Publicity – she is hard-working, honest and goes the extra mile for you and your product. If you are an artist looking for publicity, we absolutely suggest giving her a call. Kris is honest, direct and is totally transparent in what she is working on and doing for your album or single release. Her pricing is affordable for emerging artists, with payment plans if required. Kris has so many strong bonds with media and radio and she works tirelessly to follow up and make sure your music is being heard. She keeps in really close contact with you and will always respond to emails, calls and messages, promptly and with full consideration. We will definitely continue to work with Kris in the future as she is on the ball, walks the walk, talks the talk and is relentless in making your music work for you!!!
Rachel & Bec Olsson
Singer-Songwriter – Innocent Eve
There’s a lot of things you can waste money on as an artist — Kris Katsanis is not one of those. Kris is motivated, communicative and effective. I count her as one of my team.
Nick Payne
You want to be noticed. You want to be listened to. You want to be appreciated and remembered. And this makes you vulnerable and overwhelmed with where to begin. KrisKat Publicitybrings a refreshing passion and professionalism to generating and managing your publicity. Whether it be for an entire album, EP or single song release, event promotion, or building the artist’s profile, KrisKat is an appropriately affordable expense to the progression of an artist’s career. Their press releases engage attention, but keep to the point: poignant, concise information with ample media bites without the cliches, and done-to-death, hype and hoopla that music industry professionals recognise as disingenuous. Their bios uniquely celebrate your story, message and music ready for audience consumption. Each campaign is tailored collaboratively, and with integrity. You can be assured that the credibility of KrisKat will get you through the door and listened to by radio, print media, television medium, agents and event managers. KrisKat specialises in Australian Country Music, and applies more than 10 years’ experience and industry connections to astutely identifying the best strategy for each campaign. KrisKat, who have managed all press releases, the album release and individual single releases for my album, Random Truths, have ensured every song circulated received Australia-wide airplay and enjoyed significant chart success in due course, together with a full radio interview schedule at each stage. My re-introduction to Country Music after 10years required so much reconnection – I don’t know where I’d have been without KrisKat on this second go round the round-about!
Tanya Self
Hiring the expert services of KrisKat Publicity to support the release of my new album: Naked Under the Radar was an easy decision for me to make. Working on both sides of the fence – as an artist and in radio – meant I had a unique insight into the professional and thorough manner in which Kris conducted business on behalf of her clients and so I was already aware of the standard of service I would be receiving. During our project, she responded to all communications, issues and goals promptly and efficiently. I know that having KrisKat Publicity behind my project and working my first single from the album was instrumental in the song; ‘On the Other Side of Midnight’ making it to # 2 on the Australian Country Tracks Top 40 and for the track’s longevity in the charts (20 weeks now, as I write) and so I thank Kris sincerely for her help. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.
Connie Kis Anderson
I couldn’t recommend KrisKat Publicity highly enough. All my concerns with my first release and with using a publicist for the first time were instantly put at ease with Kris. She went over and above what I expected. Her communication was outstanding, and I really felt that I had someone on my team going in to bat for me. I would and will use Kris again!
Gretta Ziller
I worked with Kris on the release of my latest album “Sell My Soul”, and to be honest, I couldn’t have done it without her. She is ultra organised, and had me booked in for as much promotional activity as I could handle. She had all the details sorted and just gave me a schedule to follow- I am so very grateful for her help! I have always found Kris to be honest, efficient, very professional and a wonderful person to deal with. She follows through with everything she starts and is always approachable and ALWAYS gets back to me. She goes above and beyond and I look forward to our next project together!
Sally-Anne Whitten
Kris Katsanis has been a integral part of the Sunny Cowgirl’s success over the past 5 years. Her depth of knowledge and experience in the music industry has helped us create a powerful presence in all forms of media and community. Kris is ALWAYS available for her clients and treats them with the personal consideration they deserve.
Mark Donohoe
Sunny Cowgirls Management
As independent artists we find that we can’t possibly know or do everything ourselves and that’s when you require, and call on, the expertise of a publicity powerhouse like Kris Katsanis. We found working with KrisKat Publicity a great experience. Kris is professional, efficient and certainly knows her stuff. And we found her assistance didn’t end once our contract was completed. Kris continued to send relevant information our way which showed her genuine interest in promoting our music.
Rae Moody & Liz Kinninmont
The Harmonators
I have worked with Kris Katsanis for the past 5 years in varying degrees. We worked together in her days at Compass Bros Records and have been involved in a joint tour with artists we both manage. Kris’s work ethic is nothing short of exceptional and her results are exemplary, all done with the all important sense of humor. I would recommend Kris to any artist looking for a publicist who’ll go above and beyond for them.
Linda Chamarette
Crossroads Touring
I have been using KrisKat’s services for the past 9 months and have found Kris to be such an easy person to work with. She is so thorough and professional in her dealings and nothing is ever a problem. As an independent artist it can be really hard trying to do everything yourself, Kris made me feel confident in her abilities from day one and has always maintained a high level of communication throughout my campaigns. I would highly recommend KrisKat to anybody in the music business.
Sarah McMonagle
I have had Kris work with me on a number of projects and have been really impressed with her professionalism & follow through. Rare and very important qualities.
Harmony James
I trust my business with Kris as she only takes on work she understands. She has the knowledge to accept and the honesty to represent only that which she believes she can manage and push in the right directions.
Mitchell Shadlow
KrisKat was a real asset to us…always easy to deal with, passionate and a great co-ordinator.
Leon Concannon
Consultant for Nulla Records