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Sally-Anne Whitten




Latest radio single, ‘My Place In The World’ from Sally-Anne Whitten was written by the Tamworth local herself and close friend Allison Forbes. This is a lyrical tale about a musician’s constant struggle between sustaining a “real life” and chasing a career. This career can sometimes seem like a fruitless task, while friends are off playing house with babies, husbands and mortgages, musicians spend every cent on recording, touring and promoting, all in the hope of carving out a name for themselves as an artist.
Sally-Anne philosophises, “The moral to the story is of course, that even though I struggle with it, music is the only true place where I feel like I really belong in the world. So whether I achieve a chart hit or not, it’s something in my blood that I have to do. It’s a family love for music that’s been passed down through the generations. Performing, writing and recording is where I am meant to be… my place in the world”.
When the self-confessed ‘Funky Country’ (a blend of country, rock and blues) artist speaks of ‘a family love’ she’s talking about her dad, Barry Whitten – a guitarist/piano/bass player who taught a young Sally-Anne most of what she knows about music today. As a teenager, he taught her to read and write music and she honed her skills as a backing player – funnily enough as a bass player! From the age of 15 Sally-Anne worked in bands as a session player alongside her dad.
‘My Place In The World’ the second single from “Sell My Soul”, Sally-Anne’s second album release will also have an accompanying video clip released soon. The clip was produced by 171 Entertainment’s Ross Wood who recently produced clips by The Sunny Cowgirls (‘Green And Gold’), Luke O’Shea and Dianna Corcoran (‘New England Sky’) and worked on previous Sally-Anne clips too.
The clip was filmed at the Caipora Alpaca’s property in Duri, 20 minutes outside of Tamworth – the property and beautiful sandstone home of Sally-Anne’s cousin Diane. The songstress felt at home filming at this location, where the home was built by Diane’s stonemason husband Phil and the walls are adorned with pictures and memories of the extended family. Plus on the day of the filming a baby alpaca was born, no doubt a good sign of things to come!