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IE_PROMO_PIC2‘Every Woman’ – new single from sisters Rachel and Rebecca aka INNOCENTEVE celebrates the title subject. Written by the Rockhampton sister-act and taking inspiration from three diverse women, each song verse portrays a different individual. The song is an observation about how each woman appears to the outside world, of having it all together or having the perfect life – but they all have their own battles and passions, needs and desires or dreams – and they want it all. The song questions that need, that want, is it wrong? Or is it right to reach for the stars?

“She wants to be every woman and to sail every sea, to be a mother, lover, daughter and a friend,

She wants to ride a magic carpet, taste every wine and just fly free,”

‘Every Woman’ – Rachel & Rebecca Olsson, 2014

For the accompanying video clip, INNOCENTEVE enlisted the help of female family and friends of various ages, races, shapes, sizes and religions. Ranging from toddlers to the girls’ 83-years-old Nan, each woman has a starring role in the brand new clip, check it out HERE
‘Every Woman’ is the 3rd single to be lifted from the sister-duo’s debut album “Temporary Balms”. The album’s title (also an album track) is about the vices or ‘temporary’ fixes we apply to certain situations even though we know they’re not best for us nor permanent solutions, like drinking away the pain. The album features 13 lucky tracks, with 10 coming from the duo’s collective pen and the three remaining tracks being re-workings of some much-loved songs. Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution’ and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic ‘Proud Mary’ all receiving the INNOCENTEVE effect after being in the live set-list for years.
In support of this new single and video clip release, INNOCENTEVE is heading out on a regional QLD tour. The girls will perform in Longreach, Windorah, Blackwater, Rockhampton, Mackay and at the Big Red Bash – the two day music festival in the Simpson Desert, Birdsville as part of the Heels On Wheels show.


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