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NEW MUSIC: ‘In A Heartbeat’ From John Krsulja

'In A Heartbeat' is the 1st single from "Travellin'" - the debut album from John Krsulja
‘In A Heartbeat’ is the 1st single from “Travellin'” – the debut album from John Krsulja

‘In A Heartbeat’ – the debut single from John Krsulja is a duet with Katie Brianna and co-written with Kerrie Garside and Golden Guitar winners Luke O’Shea and Lachlan Bryan. The track is based on the true love story of Joy Reid, who as a young Aboriginal woman met and fell in love at 16 with her first love Daryl Wilson. The pair were unable to be together because it was, “Back in the day when nice white boys never had black girlfriends”, says Aunty Joy.
After 40 years Daryl contacted Aunty Joy, they agreed to meet at Maitland Railway Station and as Daryl held Joy, their love came back to them… ‘In A Heartbeat’. Still together now, you can learn more about their love story from ABC Radio’s ‘Meet The Mob’ CLICK HERE 
‘In A Heartbeat’ is the first single from John’s debut album “Travellin’” which was produced by friend and mentor Karl Broadie. The album was recorded at the Cliff Tops of Sydney and at The DAG Sheep Station, Nundle – owned by John Krsulja or John K, as he’s better known to his friends. After years of travelling around the world and Australia, John settled in Tamworth, Australia’s Country Music Capital with his wife Belinda and their two little girls Brooke and Jade. It was at The DAG, inspired by all the artists he has met over the years, that John K resurrected his 20 year love for song writing and performing. Recently released, “Travellin’” is the result of this love and time.

“In a world where authenticity is in short supply and the music ‘biz’ awash with fakery on all sides, John Krsulja’s debut album “Travellin’” arrives as a welcome blast of honesty and integrity. The songs are heartfelt and real, full of fine words on family and life, rendered by John in a voice that is warm and convincing. The songs are wrapped in a suitably tasteful Karl Broadie production palette allowing the songs and the spirit to cut through the babble and white noise of modern life. They deserve to be heard.”

Michael Roberts (MBE) – Producer, Musician aka ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’ 

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