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Sara O’Connor ‘Dark All Day’ music video


Sara O’Connor has released the music video for ‘Dark All Day’, the title track of her most release album. The music video was shot in Tamworth during the 2020 Country Music Festival by Michael Carpenter of Sydney’s Love Hz Studios.
“Don’t live like darkness lasts forever, summer comes and shadows turn to light”
This line was written in late 2019. The song itself is about how dark times or emotions always have the capability to evolve into the light. Sara wanted the song to take a hopeful turn with this verse, to use the metaphor of the seasons to reflect the way in which our lives and emotions can change for the better too.
The cover artwork for “Dark All Day” was created by Archibald Prize winning artist Wendy Sharpe. Sara, Wendy and her partner Bernard Ollis, met onboard a ship bound for the North Pole. During that journey Wendy and Bernard painted constantly, while Sara stood by in awe, but she was also creating… new music for this album.

Apart from the album artwork there is another magnificent link between Wendy and the album. On the back of the ship one afternoon, Wendy and Sara chatted about what it must be like living in the Arctic during winter when there is 24 hours of darkness. They talked about what it must do to your psyche when it’s dark all day and all night. That moment was the beginning of the title track on the album; ‘Dark All Day’. After that conversation with Wendy, Sara went back to her cabin and wrote the song.
More info about Sara O’Connor:
• A vocalist fronting jazz outfits for 20 years and has performed all over Australia
• Performed at Australian iconic venues including The Enmore Theatre in Sydney, The Tivoli in Brisbane and Melbourne’s Forum Theatre
• Introduced to the genre by her country-loving partner Ben Soutter and to the industry by none other than Melinda Schneider
• Introduced by a mutual musical friend, Melinda took the time to chat long-distance with Sara while at the G’Day USA party in Los Angeles. Sara has high praise for the Golden Guitar winning artist insisting, _“I don’t think Melinda realises that she mentored me in that one conversation”

“Dark All Day” is available on all digital and streaming services.

For more info and/or an interview with Sara O’Connor:
EMAIL | M: 0414 334 348